Client: Unilabs
Room Size: 30m2
Location: Porto
Date: 2018
Industry: Healthcare
Fotos: Ah!Photo
The main challenge for this project was to create a new concept for an exam room exclusively for pregnant women. During their pregnancy, women have to take several exams and some of those take more than an hour to do. With this in mind, Unilabs decided to create a special room to accommodate their future moms for long periods of time. The project started with a simple question: what's the best place to relax? Our home! And this was the theme for the design process. In a room as small as 30 square meters was created a small home with a reception area and three living rooms. Each room has an armchair, a support table, tablets, and books to entertain the guests. Although every room has the same items, each of them as a different theme: the sky, the sunrise and the sunset which are expressed on the color palette. The lightning was carefully thought to make sure there was enough light for the nurse to take blood samples and, for periods of relaxation, the light is smooth enough to take a nap. All medical material is stored in the entrance area as well as the welcoming pack with a small blanket and pillow.