Client: Mindera 
Office Size: 400m2
Seats: 40 
Location: Porto 
Date: 2018
Industry: Technology
Fotos: Ah!Photo
Located in the city center, in the same building as the previous offices, Mindera opened two more offices for 40 people. The first office with 220 square meters was divided into two rooms, one for the work area and the other for the social areas and meeting rooms. The working area has a relaxed vibe with grey and white walls and wood flooring. The big yellow sliding door that connects the two rooms has an acoustic treatment to make sure that people can work in a quiet environment while, in the lounge, other people are screaming about their Fifa game or having lunch. This office has two meeting rooms, one with ten seats for big meetings or sprints and a small one for calls or quick 1x1 meetings. The kitchen has a rustic vibe with burn wood cabinets and marble recycled tables. The second office, designed for the operations team, has a blue kitchen where everyone gathers for meals or meetings.