Client: Fyde
Office Size: 250m2
Seats: 30
Location: Porto
Date: 2018
Industry: Technology
Fotos: Ah!Photo
Fyde is a technology startup with an office in Porto downtown. Focused in online security, the company culture is young and yet very responsible. These were the values the company wanted to be present in the design project, every space is focused on functionality, simplicity and comfort. Located on the main floor of a residencial building, before Fyde this space was previously used as a bridal shop, with big windows facing the street. For security reasons, the workspace and meeting rooms were placed on the back of the building and the entrance space was used to create a big kitchen with a dining table, large enough, to get everyone together during lunch time. The view from the street doesn't  make it clear if you're entering an office or a coffee shop because all you see from the outside is the dinning table and the kitchen. On the back of the building there are four islands with maximum capacity for 30 people, a small meeting room and a lounge area. The colour palete for this project was white, grey, dark wood and light green in order to create a simple office with a touch of green natural elements like plants.