Client: Alter Solutions
Office Size: 150m2
Seats: 12
Location: Porto
Date: 2018
Industry: Technology
Fotos: Ah!Photo
This office located in Boavista. The desgin guidelines came from the previous project completed in Lisbon to which we add new features like wooden floor and comic art splashes. The office is on the top floor of a 1960's building with plenty of natural light, and it's divided in two main areas: social and private. This distinction is created by the flooring materials: the social areas like the entrance and kitchen have wooden flooring and the private areas like the workspace and the meeting rooms have carpet flooring. The office furniture and materials are similar to the Lisbon office in order to create cosy and comfortable space were everyone can work and relax. Each meeting room has a different vibe and colour, and the kitchen was designed to look like it could feel like home with a dinning table, large counters and lounge area.